Inverted Innovation


-ivory shimmer paper, and quartz colored envelopes will still be utilized

Avant Garde Aspect: playful use of transposed colors.

This design is certainly more creative and unique! I've included more vinery images, like the wine barrels and wine bottles you requested.  The hand-drawn effect and the inverted colors, allows for an avant garde feel (new and unusual with experimental ideas)
As for the text, I did remove the middle names and changed the date to numbers. "Vows in the Vineyard." is also more pronounced. On the accommodations card, and RSVP card...rather than doing explicit designs on the front, (which might cause it to look too cluttered,) I incorporated an accented design on the backside of the enclosure cards. As for the text on the "details card" it has been changed to match the wording on your website. Being that this is design has heavy shades of burgundy, I would opt for a more subtle laser cut, so that you don't have burgundy ontop of burgundy. Maybe an ivory laser cut or champagne. Attached is the laser cut color chart, for you to view again. 

Shavon MorrisComment