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I absolutely loved working on this! I've made all the changes you requested. 

Attire Card added as 2nd enclosure card
1) Added time and date of the wedding after "Love and Marriage" before the Bella sera address . to say Friday, The Twenty Fourth Of August Two Thousand Eighteen At Five Thirty In the Evening

2) Bottom Changed to

                      Love is Patient ~ Love is Kind ~ Love Never Fails
                                                1 Corinthians 13:4 

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Invite is simple as you requested but very elegant! The font is extremely delicate, like a faux calligraphy. Additionally, you'll have the matching name plate with the mirror backing. I really love how this has turned out; I believe you guest will be WOWED!

Plus the envelopes :) It's all very beautiful. Let me know if you'd like to include your 2nd enclosure card. I'd love to add that to the collection.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 5.53.13 PM.png
Open Revision #1
Save the Date Revision Kasey + Jonathan.jpg

So glad you guys liked this design; this was also my favorite of the 3! I've made the following adjustments. Please comment with "we approve," so that we can move into production. Additionally, I'm so sorry about the commenting trouble. We've never experienced that issue. I did contact our database provider and they said it was probably just a small glitch. Nonetheless, if it happens again please just send your "approval message" via email :)

1) Above text now says "Save the Date" instead of previous "Save our Date"

2) The location has been changed to Brighton, CO instead of Denver.

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Option 1 5x7-envelope-and-card-mockup-CC.jpg

With this particular design I wanted to incorporate that unique tiffany blue color that you love. This calligraphy style font really brings the entire design to life!

  • keep in mind, this is just a mockup, envelopes will be standard white
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