Jazmyn & Monica (Initial Deposit)

Jazmyn & Monica (Initial Deposit)


Hey Jazmyn!

I’m so excited about being able to help you with your wedding invitations and day-of paper goods! I love the colors and themes that you’ve chosen for your wedding. Once you’ve submitted your deposit, I’ll send you a welcome packet that will give you a bit more details about the process and a client contract.

We’ve put together an option for you, based on our chat with the products + services discussed. For your convenience, we’ve included an itemized price for each item. Let us know if you’d like to change or edit any of the options, and we certainly will!

It was so great to learn more about you, I can’t wait to start designing!

I look forward to creating something wonderful for your 2019 wedding!

See the price breakdown below ;)

If during the creative consultation we decide to go a different route, your deposit will still apply, potentially leaving you with a refund.

Learn about the foil stamping process:


Receipt of final payment (remaining 50% of quote +/- any changes in services or materials) is due before additional items are delivered. Should there be any additional charges incurred for extra labor or special orders client will be notified for approval. Billing will reflect the actual costs incurred.

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