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We have an exclusive partnership with Church Ranch Event Center, and we were informed that you have chosen the Cottonwood Package, which includes predesigned invites.

Now it's time for some fun! Quickly learn about what you can expect from us during this process, and submit your final invitation decisions using the form below. Watching this short video will show you all the unique invitation options available to you, through Church Ranch Event Center!


Please Watch this 6 min Overview Video First!

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name
Groom's Name
Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Wedding Time *
Wedding Time
Invitation Decision *
Based on the 3 suites presented, which one do you prefer?
What are your wedding colors? What color do you want the envelopes?
Envelope Liner *
What envelope liner do you prefer? Envelope liners are a portion of paper that is cut to fit inside the envelope and fold down with the envelope flap. They are precision cut (usually die-cut) to fit the envelope perfectly and are easy to slip in.
How many invitations do you need? Each suite comes with 100 invitations. If you need more than 100 please enter the quantity below. Your invoice will reflect accordingly. Cottonwood Extra's Evergreen Extra's Aspen Extras
Wording *
Paper Type *
What paper type would you prefer?
I want more! *
We have a wide selection of invitations, paper types, and specialty prints available. Would you like to meet virtually to discuss further options for your invitations? (Gold foil, letterpress, acrylic)
Need a Sample? *
Samples are just samples. They are NOT specific to your wedding.
Mailing Invitations *
We do print all guest addresses for you; however, we do not ship the invitations directly to your guests. Instead, we send you a box of all of your invitations, fully assembled and sealed. You'll just need to put a stamp on the envelopes and take them to the post office. We do offer a "direct mail option," but you'll have to pay an extra processing fee of $60 for this service + send us your stamps.

Once you complete this form, an updated invoice will be sent to CREC!

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