Needing some custom invites?

Meet Shavon Morris

Hey y’all! I currently live in Denver, but lived in Houston for several years and clearly haven’t been able to let go of the word “y’all!”

Lol, any who, I  live with my husband and our sweet daughter, Zuri. Since I was young I have always loved crafting, imagery, and artwork! Additionally, I am a HUGE romantic; I was never the girl who wanted to be dating or engaged for very long time. In fact, my husband and I dated for 8 months, and planned our DIY wedding in less than 73 days! I was excited, to say the least lol.

When wedding planning commenced, all I could think about were my wedding invitations! Not only am I designer, but I am also a marketer; going to college for art and majoring in creative advertising. By merging the two passions, I’ve found a niche in offering couples beautiful wedding stationery!

A Few Fun Facts:

-At age 8, I had written my first children’s story called “The Little Lynx,” it was featured on Reading Rainbow and won 2nd place in their 1998 young author’s competition

-In college I was a vegan for 1 year, but suddenly stopped after attending a Super Bowl Party, complete with all you can eat wings! Lol

-My husband and I are obsessed with Game of Thrones, and watched the final episode of season 2 outside by our backyard bonfire

-My husband and I often attend and host monopoly parties with friends

-Chicago has my heart

-I used to teach 5th grade!